Brinner fail and success…

Last night I tried to make brinner with disastrous results.  Six eggs and various ingredients later, I had only produced two eggs that were almost over easy.  The first 3 eggs went the way of the garbage disposal without producing food.  The 4th went the same way after I didn’t have enough flour to complete the pancake recipe.  I had cereal in the cupboard but swore not to eat it.

Well, tonight I had better luck.  I didn’t try eggs, and to make pancakes, I bought pancake mix.  (Just add water — pretty hard to mess that up.)  I went to my other apartment to make it with my other roommates.

Ms. Butterworth, 2%, and my mug
Ms. Butterworth, 2%, and my mug
Midori made great pancakes.
Midori shows her enthusiasm for pancakes.

This is the 2nd time in about a week that I’ve brought food and made it here… with the A/C broken… maybe I should bring salads until the A/C gets fixed or winter comes.  Probably a good idea.

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