Cut off from the rest of the world…

The following is an email I sent Savitrii whilst in my English class yesterday, posted here for your amusement:

I don’t like when I don’t have some sort of connection to the rest of the world, through internet or cell phone.  Everyone in the basement of the JFSB would be the last people to know of a natural disaster.  If BYU campus were to be hit by a flood, I’d be a goner.  Seriously.  Everyone on campus would get that Y-Alert text that we get emails about, but not my class.  The first knowledge we would get of a flood would be the water coming under the door.  And you just know that water is going to flow right down those stairs and into the basement here.  I don’t think Sexitonium would make it.  But then again, I might not either.

Anyway, I’m just playing around with Gmail, because it’s the only thing that works right now, because of offline mail.  Pretty cool aye?


P.S.  I adore you.

P.P.S.  The teacher just asked, “Who uses rhetoric?”  And the response in my head was, “Your mom uses rhetoric.”  I’m like 12.  LOVE ME!

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