Not all iPods are created equal…

Hello world!  It’s been an eventful week.  AT&T finally let us iPhone users send MMS (which I think was much ado about nothing).  I realized that I can save photos from the web now on my iPhone.  And I saw Pan’s Labyrinth, among other things.

Pan’s Labyrinth wasn’t what I expected.  I read this on Wikipedia:

In 2007, del Toro noted the striking similarities between his film and Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia: both films are set around the same time, have similar child-age principal characters, mythic creatures (particularly the fauns), and themes of “disobedience and choice.” Says del Toro: “This is my version of that universe, not only ‘Narnia,’ but that universe of children’s literature.”[48] In fact, del Toro was asked to direct The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but turned it down for Pan’s Labyrinth.[48]

In addition to Narnia, Pan’s Labyrinth has also been compared to films such as Gabor Csupo’s Bridge to Terabithia and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.[49][50] Del Toro himself has noted similarities with The Spirit of the Beehive.[51]

Ok, if you read that, wouldn’t you think, “Oh, Pan’s Labyrinth is a movie like The Chronicles of Narnia“?  That’s what I thought.  Couldn’t have been more wrong.  This was the movie that nightmares are made of.  The little girl dies!  I mean, in most kids’ books and movies, the main character never dies, even in Harry Potter, when we all were hoping Harry would die and instead J.K. killed off Dumbledore.  Anyway, not what I expected.  I think if it would have just said it was like Bridge to Terabithia, I wouldn’t have been so surprised.  Del Toro is a bit, um, twisted.  Still–a pretty good movie.

This week I’ve also fallen more in love with my iPod nano.  It’s red, and it always plays me the best music on shuffle.  It has Genius, and I love it.  I seriously think it is capable of picking better random songs than my old iPod or my iPhone.  Maybe it’s because I use Genius from a song I want to hear right then, but even when I just shuffle, I get better luck than my old 5th generation iPod.  Maybe I’m crazy.  We can’t dismiss that.  What I do know is that I’m very happy that I got it free with my new MacBook Pro.

Sav linked to this cool music video on her blog.  I downloaded the album.  Big let down.  Starts strong, ends weak.  It is super mellow music though, so if you’re into that, it’s for you: The Opposite of the Sea by Oren Lavie.

Oh, and I wanted to share this random photo with you all:

Looks like someone went to Macey's.  This one is going to be a bugger for the bag boy.
Looks like someone went to Macey's. This one is going to be a bugger for the bag boy.

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