10 things to do instead of going to class…

Today I skipped class.  Was it the first time?  No.  Was it the last time?  No.  Did I mean to?  Yes.

I’ve skipped a lot of classes in my college days.  I think everyone should.  As I was skipping my class, I thought that there must be at least 10 things better than going to class.  I submit my views:

  1. Watch Hulu
    Did you not see the last episode of House or The Office?  Look no further.  Hulu is the answer to your qualms.  Only problem: you need sound, and headphones scream to your teacher, “I’m not paying attention.”
  2. Play Kongregate.com
    You can actually do this in class (and I do), but not in my English class because we don’t have the internet (which is sad, because I would).
  3. Blog
    Again, you can do this is class (like I am now), but the teacher often makes it hard to keep track of your thoughts.
  4. Visit your girlfriend at work
    This is my favorite.
  5. Get something to eat
    School requires you to use your brain, and your brain needs fuel.  Taco Bell, here I come.  Or if I’m smarter: J*Dawgs.
  6. Take a nap
    I hear that there are a lot of nice places to sleep around campus, but I’ve never found one better than my classes.  Nothing like a soothing voice droning on about real-time operating systems to make you fall asleep.  But like headphones, sleeping kind of tells the teacher you aren’t paying attention.
  7. Work
    Why be bored in class when you could be somewhere making money?  I’ve done this in the past, and it’s been very rewarding.  (CS lectures aren’t necessary to passing the class.)
  8. Go home
    The great part about this one is that you can combine it with a lot of the above items.  Want a nap?  Sleep in your own bed!  Want food?  Go home and make a sandwich instead of paying the Cougareat to make you one.
  9. Play Farmville on Facebook
    This one is included for only one reason: if you play Farmville, you probably won’t pass your classes anyway.  You can read into that what you want.
  10. Email your classmates for notes
    Included because I think people really do this.  I just laugh when I get emails from people begging notes.  (1) I don’t take notes.  (2) Even if I did, I wouldn’t share them with people who don’t go to class and take notes themselves.

So there you have it.  Ten things you can do instead of going to class.  A lot of these can also be applied to doing homework.  Between you and me, any of these would be better than going to my English class in 30 minutes.

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