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Oh the things to be done…

So it’s day 18 of being engaged, but only day 4 of having planned to get married 4 months earlier.  My brain is mush.  I’m somehow getting my assignments done.  I don’t know how, because I’m incapable of paying attention in class and I never do any reading.

Of all the things I have to do, here are some of the more important:

  • Apply for graduation — oh yeah, I found out this week I can actually graduate in April.  Crazy.
  • Get into a senior project class — I was in one, until they canceled it when the others were already full.  Can you say craptastic?  (This is kinda important as graduation depends on this class.)
  • Sell my apartment contract — I really think there should be a clause in all BYU housing contracts that if you prove you get married, you’re released from you contract and your deposit must be returned.
  • Find a place to live post-marriage — kind of really important.  My car is nice, but it’s no love nest.
  • All the while balancing visits between families and helping Sav with plans in any way I can (aka when she tells me).

I’m just grateful that Sav is like a super awesome planner and just wants to get things done.  We already have so much done: registered, gathering addresses, already looking at apartments, honeymoon booked.  We’ve got 65 days to ’til, but we’ll (and be that I mean she’ll) get everything taken care of.  I love that woman.

Yesterday we looked at an apartment.  We called at 7 something in the evening.  The owners were way nice, but they’d showed it to 5 other peeps/couples already that day.  They’d posted the listing on craigslist only that day.  It was small but nice, and we’re really hoping we get it.

Oh, yesterday was also a witness to the greatness that is Cafe Rio.  Sav had a busy, stressful day.  It was a perfect day for Cafe Rio.  It can never go wrong.  It warms the soul, lifts the spirits, and is pretty much the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.

To my faithful readers out there (Sav and … …), I appologize for the scattered post.  As I said in the beginning, my brain is a soft, wet, pulpy mass.  I should recover eventually.

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68 is less than 188…

How funny is it that two weeks into our engagement, Sav and I find ourselves thinking “2 weeks down, another 27 will kill us”? Waiting six months more to marry the love of my life just wasn’t going to do, so knowing that 2 was less than 6, we started thinking we should move up our wedding date. Well, I started thinking that. Talk ensued. Prayer took place. And talking to parents was necessary.

After much talk, the best of which took place between Sav and her mother, we decided to go ahead with a new date. I believe her mom told her something to the extent that she had been expecting it the whole time and was just waiting. That was a relief.

So now we will be getting married on the 2nd of January instead of the 1st of May. Much closer.

Lesson learned: long engagements sound great and look good on paper but are no fun in practice.

What do I do when the internet breaks?

Dear Google,

Last night Blogger broke and I couldn’t read any Blogspot blogs.  This made me unhappy.

Today (and many other times lately), Google Reader keeps having an error.  Again, unhappiness.

If I don’t have these distractions to keep my brain in a ooey, gooey state, how am I going to make it through my classes?  Paying attention is out of the question.  The harder I try, the more I fall asleep.

Please, Google, improve Reader so that I don’t have to pay attention in class.  Blogger can fail, because I can’t stand cute blogs.



Edit: Reader still wasn’t working.  I found thisFlash games are awesome.

A survivor’s tale…

As one of mere millions of survivors of the H1N1 (swine) flu, I wanted to tell you what it was like.  Now I didn’t get mine specifically tested, but since over 90% of flu cases in Utah are the H1N1 virus, statistically, it’s probable that mine was this “deadly” virus.

It was just like the normal flu.  Exactly like it.  Sneezing: same.  Sniffles: same.  Chills: same.  Fever: same.  What did I do to survive?  Well, I took cold meds because that’s what I bought, because I thought it was the cold at first.  And when it hit its worst, I stayed home for a day and a half and rested.  And I lived.  And so can you if you get it too.  Just stay home and rest, drink plenty of fluids, take some ibuprophen for your fever, and have a good blanket.  That’s about all you can do.  That’s about all you need to do.  I also took some cough medicine and some antihistamines.  Those can help too.

The swine flu is just another flu.  Everyone will probably get it, and then everyone will be immune.  Diseases are fun like that.

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Why we shouldn’t eat humans…

I have the flu.  I don’t know if it’s swine.  Odds are it’s just regular old human flu.  Obviously someone in my classes or at work has been touching or eating humans.  Isn’t that how people think swine flu got started?  Well, if you carry over the logic, it only stands that people have been eating humans, and then I got sick.  I would just like to tell the internet that I don’t think people should eat humans.  Yes, they may be highly nutritious, though laced with cholesterol, but we should abstain from such practices so that we don’t create and spread human flu.

In all seriousness, yeah, having the flu sucks.  Luckily Sav is like the best fiancée ever.  She made me some killer soup yesterday, and she doesn’t care if I get her sick (which I’m constantly praying doesn’t happen).  She’s the best.

For anyone that’s curious about Google Wave… it’s actually very very boring.  I thought it would be the coolest thing since sliced bread, but it isn’t.  But then again, I only have 2 contacts, neither of which I talk to much online before.  I would probably think it was cooler if I could invite people I wanted to talk to more.  Well, we’ll see.

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Edit: I later found out that like 90% of all tests for swine flu at a local hospital came back positive, so I later started guessing I actually had swine flu.

Best decision ever…

The recipe to make the perfect day:

  1. Find someone you love.  Someone who steals your heart, even though it’s not stealing because you’re totally giving it to her.
  2. Take her to P. F. Chang’s.  Order the chicken lettuce wraps, the orange peel chicken, and the great wall of chocolate.
  3. Go for a walk up in the mountains (together).  I love the smell of fall.
  4. Ask that someone from from step 1 to marry you.
  5. Tell everyone you know that she said yes.

I tested it.  It works.  I love this woman!

Right after I popped the question.
Right after I popped the question.

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My new obsession…

When I first realized that The Postal Service had a song besides “Such Great Heights”, I probably listened to Give Up exclusively for almost a month.  When my iPod played a song from a Death Cab for Cutie album that I’d never listened to fully, I became an instant fan of them too and probably listened to them irrationally for a few weeks.  I’m one of those people who would love for The Postal Service to release another album.

However, I recently found something just as good, maybe better than these:

Owl City

A friend’s brother put a slide show of pictures taken from a camera hanging from a large helium balloon, and it was awesome.  Best of all, the music for the slide show was “On the Wing” from the album Ocean Eyes.  A great album.  I’ve only listened to it about 15 times since I got it.  That’s all.

Not being a listener of the radio, I am usually behind in my music discoveries.  Bear with me.

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A blast from the past…

So yesterday, Sav and I stumbled upon some CDs that I acquired whist serving in Argentina.  And for your viewing pleasure, I have found some of the videos to some of the more popular songs I remembered from the CDs:

Ah, Argentina was a wildly different place.  It was crazy fun remembering hearing these songs.