Awesome in weekend form…

Just a quick update to the world. This weekend I went home for family pictures. Sav came with me to meet my family. Unexpectedly, she met not only my immediate family but also both sets of grandparents. And that turned out to be pretty cool because my grandparents are cool and so is Sav. I’m pretty sure they all love her more than me.

I also had help fixing the horrible squeak that my car was making.¬† My dad helped me install new brake pads. Well, to be honest he did the work, but I did learn for next time. How he knows how to do these things I’m not sure, but he managed to save me at least a hundred bucks I would bet. I need to learn these things.

Oh, and there was one amazing General Conference. Elder Bednar gave my favorite talk this time.

All added up to be the most awesome weekend. Ever.

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