My new obsession…

When I first realized that The Postal Service had a song besides “Such Great Heights”, I probably listened to Give Up exclusively for almost a month.  When my iPod played a song from a Death Cab for Cutie album that I’d never listened to fully, I became an instant fan of them too and probably listened to them irrationally for a few weeks.  I’m one of those people who would love for The Postal Service to release another album.

However, I recently found something just as good, maybe better than these:

Owl City

A friend’s brother put a slide show of pictures taken from a camera hanging from a large helium balloon, and it was awesome.  Best of all, the music for the slide show was “On the Wing” from the album Ocean Eyes.  A great album.  I’ve only listened to it about 15 times since I got it.  That’s all.

Not being a listener of the radio, I am usually behind in my music discoveries.  Bear with me.

Currently listening to: The Tip of the Iceberg by Owl City

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