How it all happened…

Apparently many a person has been asking Sav how we met, started dating, and subsequently became the cutest engaged couple ever.  Well, it’s a tale to tell.  And I’ll tell it to you.

For me, it started a little over a year ago.  I’m not going into details, but let’s just say that last year I went though a bit of depression.  I was pretty closed off, to everyone, including coworkers.  And it just so happened that during last winter semester (I couldn’t tell you the exact date), my boss hired Olivia.  I was friendly with her, but not really friends with her until about May, when I started coming out of “my funk”.  Well, once I stopped being all depressed and started being fun again, Olivia and I became friends.  Long story, but very important.

At the same time, I had a crush on Apple (nickname, not a real name).  Well, Apple never had a thing for me, but I crushed on her for months, until finally I accepted the fact that it just wasn’t gonna happen.  That day was a good one, because I made a good friend, and it opened up my mind to other possibilities.

Now we’re in July.  Olivia, I, and another co-worker decided to go to Up!.  I picked her up at her apartment, and I quickly met her roommate, Savitrii.  I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember much of this.  (I was very excited about Up!).  And as I believe, it was after I saw Up! (and also briefly met Sav) that I got over my crush on Apple.  Well, it was toward the end of July that I started hanging out a little with Olivia at her apartment.  Her roommates were all cool girls.  Well, as I start hanging out with them, I talk to Apple, and she says, “Olivia wanted to set you up with one of her roommates.”  So my curiosity was peeked.  I start thinking about Olivia’s roommates.  There was Savitrii, Midori, and Hartley.  Well, Hartley is a hottie, but too tall for me, so I ruled her out.  Midori: also a hottie, but I couldn’t see myself dating her (although she’s one of my best friends now).  That left Sav, who I got along with great, who made me laugh, and who was also a smoking hottie.  But where Olivia had never actually attempted to set me up with anyone, I didn’t act on it, I just let it roll around in my brain for a while.

August happened next.  I started hanging out more and more at Sav’s apartment.  I think it started out at like 2-3 times a week, I would just drop by.  I really liked them all–they were the coolest girls–but Sav was easily my favorite.  I wasn’t afraid to be myself around her.  She had my same sense of humor, and we just plain got along.  I started coming around more and more.  It was around the 7th or 8th of August that I started having a real thing for Sav.  Being me, of course, I didn’t know if she had a thing for me.  But we quickly became great friends.  We started posting on each other’s Facebook walls, and then chatting on Gmail while we were both at work.  I started reading her blog.  The more I learned about her, the more I liked her.  But I still didn’t know if she liked me, and I didn’t want to ruin a good friendship by trying to make it something more.  So I just kept coming around.

Around this time, about the 3rd week of August, I started being a little stand-off-ish toward Sav.  I guess I didn’t want her to know I liked her before I knew if she liked me.  This is just more proof that people are so funny!  Well, things took a better turn when Olivia moved out of the apartment, but I still kept visiting.

The weekend of the 30th of August, I went home, but got a call from Midori inviting me to a Sunday dinner.  I drove back early just for that.  That’s what I knew I really did like her.  I still didn’t know if she liked me, but I hoped.  Well, that week progressed, and I’m pretty sure I came over every day.  And it wasn’t just because I was bored.  But still no clue if she like me more than a friend, and I wasn’t going to really make a move until I knew.  (Though Olivia says that it was so obvious–which is probably true–I was never good at playing the dating game.)

The day before the BYU vs. Oklahoma game (Sept. 4), I spontaneously asked Sav to Chili’s.  It’s funny, because I wasn’t officially trying to date her yet… I guess I just wanted to eat out at Chili’s and wanted her to come… just her.  So yeah, I took her on our first date.

Then there was the BYU vs. Oklahoma game.  I remember Sav invited me after going to Chili’s to come and watch at a friend’s house.  I got there late though, and when I walked in, saw Sav on a couch next to another guy.  I had no reason to be jealous, but I got jealous anyway.  Then she pretty much ignored me.  So I was in a pretty foul mood during most of the game.  Only when we were about to win did my spirits cheer at all.  After the game, I announced that Midori and I were going for ice cream and a Redbox, and asked if anyone wanted to come.  Sav quickly said she was coming and was right there.  I was more than a little confused, but so happy that she was paying me attention again that I didn’t even care.  More proof that people are just funny.  But a very fun night.

The next week, everything just kinda came together.  There was a night that we watched a movie together on the LoveSac, a night we stayed up night together, and a night we kissed.  I’m pretty sure that those, were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, respectively.  It wasn’t until after cuddling on the LoveSac and holding hands, plus an all-night stay-up, that I was sure she liked me too.  The plan was to date her and not kiss her for a few weeks… but after a night of something (I don’t remember what else we did that night), I walked her to her door, and she gave me a look that said, “You should kiss me right now.”  So I did.  And it was a kiss that blew away all other kisses.  That was very good night.

The next day, I came over (again, I know), and we had our first DTR.  Well, we decided we were dating, that I was her boyfriend, she my girlfriend, and that my lips were hers.  It was a good DTR.  And things just kinda progressed from there.  We saw each other every day.  Time together just wasn’t long enough.  And it wasn’t long before I knew I loved her.  It wasn’t very long before I told her either–luckily she didn’t freak out and run away.  Within the first 2-3 weeks, I would walk away from her apartment after saying goodnight thinking, “I just love that girl” and by the time I would be walking up to my apartment I was thinking, “I’m going to marry that girl if it’s the last thing I do.”  (Though hopefully it’s not.)  And the whole time I kept thinking, “Is this too fast?  It should feel like it, but instead it just feels right.  Wow.”

And after dating for 3-4 weeks (4 weeks from our first date, 3 from our first kiss), I took her up to Idaho to meet my family.  We were taking family pictures, but I just wanted her to meet my fam.  She was a good sport, especially when my dad calls her over and has her in some of the pictures.  I was embarrassed, but Sav was so good.  Well, during all of this, I start saying, “Well, at least this will make a good story to tell our…” and I stop just before I finish.  Of course, Sav, being the smart cookie that she is, doesn’t miss this.  She makes me finish.  “…tell our kids.”  So yeah–the cat was out of the bag.  CK is thinking kids.  Well, the rest of the evening was fun.  And not until about midnight to we have any time to just be alone and talk (time so important).  I don’t remember what brought it out, but I remember Sav was the first to say it: marriage.  Come to find out, we’d both been thinking about it for about a week, but thinking it was so fast and not wanting to scare the other, but both thinking it just felt so right.  So that night we decided we were going to get married.  WOW!  I remember grinning the whole way up to my room after saying goodnight.  I was even happier the next morning when she hadn’t taken the bus back to Provo.  (I told her where it stopped and what company it was, just in case she needed to escape.)  The drive home was pretty sweet, just talking about the future.  And the best part was that something I always thought would be such a nerve-racking experience was easy.  When you know it’s right, the only thing you can do is proceed I guess.  There has never been a doubt in my mind.

So now we were a dating couple agreed that we wanted to get married.  So we made a mental checklist: I needed to meet her family, we needed to go shopping for rings, and I would have to propose.  Well, we didn’t do much on the list until the next Saturday, all the while keeping our little secret except for a very few people.  Saturday, we go ring shopping, and wouldn’t you know that the first place we go, we find the most beautiful ring?  The crazy part?  The sales rep comes back after talking to the jeweler and says, “He can have it ready for you today if you’d like.”  Well, OK.  So that’s one check off the list.  We decided then and there that we couldn’t wait–I’ve got to talk to her father.  We call up her mom and tell them that we want to come down.  After some talk, it’s decided that we can come down that night. So we drive down late and get there late.  And I loved her family!  I already knew that I would, but meeting them, I loved them even more than I expected.  They’re amazing.  I couldn’t ask for better in-laws.  I couldn’t find better in-laws.

Well, it’s Sunday, and we’re with Sav’s family, only her dad is sick.  He goes to take a quick nap, but sleeps through most of the afternoon.  Sav and I started getting antsy.  We had decided before that if it didn’t feel right, we would just wait to talk to him.  Well, we felt like we still wanted to talk to him, so we woke him up; we drove to the mountains outside of town; and we started walking.  Wonder Woman (Sav’s mom), senses the moment, and says, “We’re walking this way,” leaving me and Superman (Sav’s dad) to speak in private.  I’d never done this kind of thing before–I’ll admit that I was more than nervous.  But I mustered all the courage I could and just started talking.  Told him I loved his daughter and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her–that we wanted to get married.  Superman knew this was why we drove down.  He asked me all about myself.  I really wish I could have written it all down, because I’m going to have to use the same questions someday, and they were all the right questions: our plans, my major/career goals, my family life, etc.  Well, after a great talk, he asked me, “Have you already proposed?”  I told him, “No.”  He was a little surprised, I think, but simply said, “Well, when you do, make it memorable.”

Shortly after, we returned to the car.  Sav and Wonder Woman walked toward us.  Superman says, “He says that he loves her.  He says wants to marry her.”  Wonder Woman responds, “She says the same.”

So that’s two items off our checklist.  I’ve only one thing to do: propose.  I’m eager to be engaged.  She’s eager to be engaged.  It felt like we’d been holding in the most amazing secret for a week, and we just wanted to be able to tell the word that we were in love and that we were going to get married.  So the next day, October 12, 2009, Columbus Day by coincidence, I left work early to get the ring appraisal, to buy a camera, and get ready.  My parents had just left to Mexico to vacation on Saturday, and I didn’t have a number for the resort.  They didn’t know I was going to propose.  Luckily, my uncle just happened to check his Blackberry while down there, and I had sent him an email asking him to have my dad call me.  So I was able to tell my parents the great news just an hour before I picked up Sav.

I picked her up at five.  I took her to P. F. Chang’s.  This was for two reasons: first, I always wanted to go there, and second, because I had told her roommates once that I really wanted to take a girl to P. F. Chang’s but it would have to be a girl that I was engaged to or very serious with.  Sav’s roommate Smash had even asked me the week before (after we knew we were gonna get married) if I was going to take Sav to P. F. Chang’s.  She was really asking if I was going to marry her.

So I took her to a delicious dinner, and then I drove us up Provo Canyon.  I am not that familiar with the canyon, so we just went to the first park there and started walking up a dirt road, up the hills.  After walking for a while, we found a pretty spot and talked for a bit, I pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Sav to marry me.  And she said yes!  And it was perfect.

We took some pictures (with the new camera), and walked back to the car while also floating on Cloud 9.  On the drive back, Sav starts calling her family and telling them the good news.  Once we got parked near her apartment, I called my grandparents, she called more family, and we texted as many people as we could think of.  Then we headed to her apartment so that we could break the news to her roommates.

I think that part of the story is best told by Sav herself.

And now we’re engaged to be married, and couldn’t be happier.  I hate the saying, but it’s true: “When you know, you know.”

I know.

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  1. CK, you’re a dear. I give you permission to marry my roommate (even though you had the gall to ask her *dad* first! Sheesh!). I liked hearing your version of the story. Nicely done. You’re a gem.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am happy that we finally met the woman of your dreams. I laughed at the part when you were taking pictures with your family and said that it would be a funny story to tell your kids…haha, CK is thinking kids. 🙂

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