Oh the things to be done…

So it’s day 18 of being engaged, but only day 4 of having planned to get married 4 months earlier.  My brain is mush.  I’m somehow getting my assignments done.  I don’t know how, because I’m incapable of paying attention in class and I never do any reading.

Of all the things I have to do, here are some of the more important:

  • Apply for graduation — oh yeah, I found out this week I can actually graduate in April.  Crazy.
  • Get into a senior project class — I was in one, until they canceled it when the others were already full.  Can you say craptastic?  (This is kinda important as graduation depends on this class.)
  • Sell my apartment contract — I really think there should be a clause in all BYU housing contracts that if you prove you get married, you’re released from you contract and your deposit must be returned.
  • Find a place to live post-marriage — kind of really important.  My car is nice, but it’s no love nest.
  • All the while balancing visits between families and helping Sav with plans in any way I can (aka when she tells me).

I’m just grateful that Sav is like a super awesome planner and just wants to get things done.  We already have so much done: registered, gathering addresses, already looking at apartments, honeymoon booked.  We’ve got 65 days to ’til, but we’ll (and be that I mean she’ll) get everything taken care of.  I love that woman.

Yesterday we looked at an apartment.  We called at 7 something in the evening.  The owners were way nice, but they’d showed it to 5 other peeps/couples already that day.  They’d posted the listing on craigslist only that day.  It was small but nice, and we’re really hoping we get it.

Oh, yesterday was also a witness to the greatness that is Cafe Rio.  Sav had a busy, stressful day.  It was a perfect day for Cafe Rio.  It can never go wrong.  It warms the soul, lifts the spirits, and is pretty much the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.

To my faithful readers out there (Sav and … …), I appologize for the scattered post.  As I said in the beginning, my brain is a soft, wet, pulpy mass.  I should recover eventually.

Currently listening to: “Clocks” by Coldplay

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