I feel like Hiro…

Hello my interwebial friends.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything good in about forever.  I’m also sorry that Sav has posted less since we got engaged.  We’re already transitioning into that boring married couple.  We’re not complaining, but we want you to know where we are once we’ve fully disappeared.  It seems that all we do now is post about being engaged and planning our wedding.  But that’s pretty much our lives.  We plan and coordinate and spend money so that everything can come together (our parents are also doing this–we love them so much).  And in the little remaining time, we try and get some homework done before we’re tired and just want to collapse.  We’re just hanging on, hoping we make it, and hoping our teachers will feel kindness in their hearts and let us pass their classes.

Here’s the funny part: we should have more than enough time to do all of this, because it seems like time is crawling by.  Time hasn’t gone this slowly since I was in the MTC for 2 months.  Actually, this seems slower.  So if time is going slower, shouldn’t I have more time?  Shouldn’t I be able to finish all of my assignments on time and still have time to catch a quick nap?  Well, no.

To top that off, I’m pretty sure that our roommates are starting to hate us.  We used to be cruel, heartless, love-hating people.  Somehow we’ve turned ourselves into this sappy, lovey-dovey, disgustingly cute couple that no longer cares about others’ PDA and has no problem with producing our own PDA.  Sav’s own mother commented on it.

If I had more interesting things to say, I would.  Maybe later.  Right now it’s lunch time, and I’m hungry. 🙂

Currently listening to: “If My Heart Was a House” by Owl City

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