A weekend wrap-up…

This last weekend was so much fun.  I’ve heard and read that you should marry your best friend.  Well, I’ve got that one covered.  Everything is more fun with Sav around.

We went up to Idaho this weekend to see my family.  My mom and sisters wanted to throw Savitrii a bridal shower, so Saturday my dad, grandpa, and bro-in-law headed to the indoor shooting range for some paper killing.  Good guy stuff while Sav got to know some of the women in my family.  I put a lot of lead through the head of my target.  My grandpa out-shot all of us.  Everything he shot was in a nice little group in the middle of the chest.  Being a life-long hunter and ex-police officer, it’s not a surprise, but I was still mad impressed.

Once we got back, Sav showed me all the loot we got.  I’m not sure how much if any of my family reads this, but if so, THANKS!  The closer we get to the big day (47 days), the more I realize that all those gifts are life-savers, because getting married and being married costs money, and all those gifts help tons.

This weekend was highlighted by my first trip of the year, and Sav’s first trip ever, to Lava Hot Springs.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in those hot pools.  That was a lot of fun too because my sister Roxy and her husband Spenz went with us and gave us some advice….

The weekend was awesome.  I wish everyone could marry their best friend.  I can’t wait to marry mine.  47 days.  November is half over.  In a little over a month, Sav and I will be done with classes and just have to get through the holidays.  Christmas is going to rock this year.

Today I was thinking about how the closer we get to our date, the more and more 1 day seems to make a difference.  I’ll probably make a post with the table I had in mind.

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