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High school drill team…

Today was a fun day.  I went with Sav up to the UVU Events Center to watch her sister Metria compete at the State Drill Team Competition.  This is a big deal for a high school girl…as long as she’s on the drill team I guess.  Having had two sisters in drill team growing up, I was used to going to these things to be supportive.  But I’ve been out of high school for 5 1/2 years.  So being at a drill team competition was kinda crazy.  A blast from the past.

But more than anything, I realized how nice it is to be out of high school, out of my home town, and in the real world.  Life really begins once you leave high school.  And everything before that gets left behind.  It’s nice.

By the way, Metria and her team were robbed.  Like any typical high school drill team competition, the judges were biased and gave first place in each category to one team.  Luckily they were able to snag 2nd.

Adventures with the DMV…

The other reason I’ve been missing school and work: Sav is now Mrs. CK.

The DMV was the most fun.  Stand in line for 30 minutes to find out that she can get a new license.  Take a picture.

Wait 1 hour 20 minutes for 10+ people to be helped before us.  (One lady and her daughter seriously took 40 minutes.)

Take 10 minutes to be helped.  Sign some papers, have papers scanned.  Done.

I’m just glad that half of those people in the first line didn’t have the right papers or had to go to the main DMV office.  That would have been another hour easy.

The bank today was not quite as long.  Moral of the story: be prepared for lots of standing, waiting, sitting, waiting, signing, waiting, and running around after getting married.  And be prepared to miss school and work to get it all done, because they all go home at 5.

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Mornings are hard…

I’ve never been a morning person.  I’ve never liked getting out of bed.

So you know how when your alarm goes off in the morning, especially in the winter, all you can think is how comfy your bed is and how cold not-in-your-bed is?  How all you want to do is stay in bed?  How you hate your alarm for waking you up?  How you just want to skip class and stay in bed?  Because it’s warm.  Because it’s comfy.  Because out of bed it not warm and comfy.

Now, imagine that and add a warm and cuddly wife who also doesn’t want to get out of bed and just wants to cuddle up to you and stay in bed.

That’s why I haven’t been to my Bio 100 or Music 101 class in a week.

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New method…

So, as many of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while.  (And why I say many of you, I mean like 12 people in this whole wide world.)  So I think I’m going to try something new.  Micro-blogging.  My wife, the amazing Sav, is much better about posting regular and longer posts.  I am not.  So I’m going to try posting smaller posts more often.

We’ll see what happens.

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The HFAC is weird…

If you are looking for directions to the Madsen Recital Hall (MRH), there’s a post for that.

Until last week, I had never had a class in the HFAC.  But because I’m either a slacker or evil genius, I left two of my generals for my last semesters: Bio 100 and Music 101.  I’ll talk about Bio another day.

Music 101 is in the HFAC.  For those of you not privy to BYU, that stands for Harris Fine Arts Center.  It houses the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

My first day to class, I got lost.  Give me a map, and I can find my way to anywhere.  However, the main entrance of the HFAC does not open up to a nice display of a map.  Just stairs.  And a strange art display filling most of the main hall (more on that later).  I actually found a map by accident my second day to class, but of course, by then it was less than helpful.  The problem was that the room was called MRH.  (Actually, on their “map”, there is no MRH.)  Luckily, on that first day, I wandered in the completely wrong direction, saw a girl who looked like she knew her way around the HFAC, and asked her if she knew where the MRH was.  She wasn’t sure at first, but then realized it must be the Madsen Recital Hall.  Ok.  Apparently registration just decided to make up this acronym.  I mean, what’s another acronym at BYU?  Fun for CK.

Now we jump to today.  My 3rd day in class.  (The observant readers out there may be saying, “But there have been 6 days of class.”  You’re right, but this is my 3rd day in class…)  Today I walked through that main hall, and looked at that “art” display.  It looked like a bunch of rags from a distance.  As I got closer, I realized it was…{dramatic music}…a dead goose.  Or at least a fake dead goose.  I’m realizing as I’m typing…I really need a photo.  Or photos.  Then you’ll understand.  Because this display is long, and all there really is is a dead goose.  But the strangest part?  The plaque next to it.  To paraphrase my once-through read-through:

Killing this goose was a spiritual experience.  It was my first kill.  This display represents the life and death.  For questions, contact a crazy person ###-###-####

Ok, I’m probably way off.  I’ll need a photo of that too.  The HFAC is weird.

Day 6…

It’s pretty freaking amazing how much you can love someone more one day than you did the day before.  I’ve been married now for 6 days, and I must say that I love it.  It’s a lot better than being single.  So for all you peeps wondering, I recommending finding someone you’re crazy about and that you get hitched.

However, cloud nine was destroyed when this giant jet plane of a cloud-buster called school greeted us yesterday.  We skipped out on the first few days, but eventually had to acknowledge that attending class was necessary.  We also realized work was important.  So now we’re back to the grindstone.

Unfortunately, having less stress from the wedding was countered with more stress from school.  Two of my classes have me in 3 different groups working on projects… which becomes just about impossible to plan.  Add in that we’re a group of 8 in one of them, and you’ve got a coordinating nightmare.  Oh, and my graduate application is due on the 15th…and I’m not sure who I will ask for letters of recommendation…I’m going crazy.

Oh, and Sav and I are both sick.

But this weekend we’re going to Idaho.  I think I’m going to apply to graduate school and them stop worrying about anything.  I think it’s a good plan.  I hope you agree.

Plus, we’ve been super blessed recently by a string of good luck in selling old books, mercy from councilors, registering for classes, and other such things.  So life is pretty good…just stressful.

Oh, and Avatar was awesome.  See it in 3D.  It’s worth every penny.  I need to see it again.  It’s for sure going on our shelves in Blu-ray.

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An end to single life…

I just got done choosing from the many scanned pictures that Sav so lovingly scanned for me and I cropped. We have put together a little slide show for the reception tomorrow and to save me the trouble of manually choosing every transition and picture order, we are just plopping all the photos together and saying to iPhoto, “Go, shuffle, repeat.” Now I’m in bed, blogging on my iPhone on the day before my wedding in about 12 hours I will be married. Everyone else is sleeping. Sav and I are in bunk beds, sharing a room with my sister and her husband. He is snoring. Sav is now trying to compete. He is winning.

So why am I writing a post when I could be falling asleep? Maybe because it is the biggest day of my life tomorrow and I can hardly believe it is finally here. I don’t know how well I will sleep. Tonight has the anticipation of 1000 Christmases. But hopefully I am exhausted and will sleep well.

If I don’t post in a while, it is because I am busy. I will be, after all, a newlywed. Happily married to the girl of my dreams. That is kind of awesome. In a really big way.