The HFAC is weird…

If you are looking for directions to the Madsen Recital Hall (MRH), there’s a post for that.

Until last week, I had never had a class in the HFAC.  But because I’m either a slacker or evil genius, I left two of my generals for my last semesters: Bio 100 and Music 101.  I’ll talk about Bio another day.

Music 101 is in the HFAC.  For those of you not privy to BYU, that stands for Harris Fine Arts Center.  It houses the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

My first day to class, I got lost.  Give me a map, and I can find my way to anywhere.  However, the main entrance of the HFAC does not open up to a nice display of a map.  Just stairs.  And a strange art display filling most of the main hall (more on that later).  I actually found a map by accident my second day to class, but of course, by then it was less than helpful.  The problem was that the room was called MRH.  (Actually, on their “map”, there is no MRH.)  Luckily, on that first day, I wandered in the completely wrong direction, saw a girl who looked like she knew her way around the HFAC, and asked her if she knew where the MRH was.  She wasn’t sure at first, but then realized it must be the Madsen Recital Hall.  Ok.  Apparently registration just decided to make up this acronym.  I mean, what’s another acronym at BYU?  Fun for CK.

Now we jump to today.  My 3rd day in class.  (The observant readers out there may be saying, “But there have been 6 days of class.”  You’re right, but this is my 3rd day in class…)  Today I walked through that main hall, and looked at that “art” display.  It looked like a bunch of rags from a distance.  As I got closer, I realized it was…{dramatic music}…a dead goose.  Or at least a fake dead goose.  I’m realizing as I’m typing…I really need a photo.  Or photos.  Then you’ll understand.  Because this display is long, and all there really is is a dead goose.  But the strangest part?  The plaque next to it.  To paraphrase my once-through read-through:

Killing this goose was a spiritual experience.  It was my first kill.  This display represents the life and death.  For questions, contact a crazy person ###-###-####

Ok, I’m probably way off.  I’ll need a photo of that too.  The HFAC is weird.

7 thoughts on “The HFAC is weird…

  1. CK, I was going to be offended when I saw the title of your post, but I hate the dead goose display with a burning passion. Sometimes those artsy types can be a little weird… but that’s why you love us, right?

    1. The girl who helped me was oviously a HFAC resident like yourself. She wasn’t weird. You’re not weird. But modern art is weird.

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