Adventures with the DMV…

The other reason I’ve been missing school and work: Sav is now Mrs. CK.

The DMV was the most fun.  Stand in line for 30 minutes to find out that she can get a new license.  Take a picture.

Wait 1 hour 20 minutes for 10+ people to be helped before us.  (One lady and her daughter seriously took 40 minutes.)

Take 10 minutes to be helped.  Sign some papers, have papers scanned.  Done.

I’m just glad that half of those people in the first line didn’t have the right papers or had to go to the main DMV office.  That would have been another hour easy.

The bank today was not quite as long.  Moral of the story: be prepared for lots of standing, waiting, sitting, waiting, signing, waiting, and running around after getting married.  And be prepared to miss school and work to get it all done, because they all go home at 5.

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One thought on “Adventures with the DMV…

  1. LOL, that is sooooo true about the DMV. You’re there for hours on end, only to get everything done in 5 minutes. Awwww, but now Sav is offically Mrs. CK, which is awesome! Love you guys!

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