Browser troubles…

About 2 months ago, I started having trouble with Firefox.  It wasn’t displaying fonts right on Google pages, like Gmail.  It was so bad, that I abandoned it for Safari, but I came back because I liked Google Gears, and I found a “fix” for my font problem.

Today I figured out the real problem with Firefox.  Seems when I resolved duplicates in Font Book, it screws up Firefox (but not Safari or Chrome, funny enough).  So I restored my duplicates and it works.

But I had another bit of trouble.  Firefox loaded slow.  So I started using Safari.  So fast, no clean, but it doesn’t use tabs as well as Firefox.  I hate new windows.

So I’m now test driving Chrome.  And the new Firefox.  They’re both faster, but neither one can use Gears.  Firefox has the plus of having Adblock Plus.  Chrome has the plus of loading faster, though not as fast as Safari.

I’ll probably end up using Firefox again.  Just without Gears.  Goodbye offline Gmail.  🙁

Chrome didn’t italize when I pressed command+I… it’s gone.

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