Sometimes the tortoise wins the race…

I know I’m really boring all 12 of you readers, but I’m just giving an update to my life–which Sav will tell you is both amusing (because she thinks it funny I’m so obsessed) and annoying (because I’m so obsessed).

I tested today, in class (instead of listening–of course), the speeds of the browsers in a simple Javascript application.  Firefox clearly slowed down.  The test was just clicking like mad on Box2DJS (which funny enough was a test they did to show how Firefox 3.6 was faster than 3.5).  Sav and I tested side by side on equal MacBook Pros, and there was a clear difference, which led her to upgrade to 3.6 right after.  But what the guy on the Mozilla website didn’t show was how much faster Chrome was.  Chrome and Safari both had no slow-down.  It was amazing.  So I’m now giving Chrome a longer test-drive to see if I like it.

I should clarify: when I started writing this post, I hadn’t yet shown Sav my tests, and was reluctantly using Firefox because I like how it handles tabs and can block ads.  But after the demonstration, I just couldn’t use the slower browser.  But it still might win.  Who knows?

The only thing that might get me to use it again is if I can compile Google Gears for Firefox 3.6.  It’s on my to-do list, among the many other more important things.

I promise the next post will be more interesting.

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One thought on “Sometimes the tortoise wins the race…

  1. There are ad-block extensions for Chrome. And now that the beta channel of Chrome (finally) supports extensions on the Mac (at least that’s what I’ve heard; haven’t downloaded it myself yet), you should be able to use it.

    As for the tabs…can’t help you there.

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