In my self defense…

I’m writing this only because I know that everyone who reads my blog already read Sav’s latest post.

Her summary of our progression to sleeping in every morning is very true.  Except the light-hearted attitude we had in the first phase.  We never praised the morning.  Never.  But we did do better.  But the biggest falsehood she shared with the world was that I would play Kongregate games until I was forced to stop.  That was only true today:

We woke up late.  After breakfast and getting dressed, I was playing a few games while Sav got ready.  At 11:50 she says we really need to go.  I was like “Ok,” and I started getting ready.  Then she said she needed to be at work at 12.  With all the sleeping in, I can’t remember when she needs to be at work.  But she got there on time, and then I washed the car.

At least the 3rd phase was right.  That was pretty much today and every day last week.  Marriage is fun.

But at least we promised we’d be better….

… just like we did every day last week.

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