End of an era…

This last week, I ended a period of my life.  That period was the time I had an iPhone.

Now I have a Droid.

Apple: packaging win. Verizon (and Google and Motorola): phone win.

Actually, we both have Droids.  And we like them a lot.

Sav doesn’t know how she lived without a smart phone.  Once you have the internet at your fingertips, it’s something you can’t be without.

I used to claim that nothing could render like an iPhone.  A year ago, I was right.  But Google made Android, and Android rocks.  The browsing is faster.  Verizon has a much faster network.  The Droid itself is much more responsive than the iPhone.  I like being on Google Talk in the background.  I like how fast it switches between programs.  Much faster than the iPhone.  And Google Maps turn-by-turn is awesome.  The on-screen keyboard is even better.  I like how it simply works with all Google products seamlessly, and you don’t have to pay for Global Me.  (Though that would be a cool name.  Google should market that for free.)  The Android software is everything that the iPhone software should be but isn’t.  (Thank you Google.)

If you’re thinking of getting one, check out Amazon.  $50 with a service plan.  Kicks the crap out of Verizon’s $200 after rebates.  Oh, and get all your accessories online too.  The stuff at the Verizon store is overpriced.

The one thing I miss are my games.

About the same size. But one runs Android.

Currently listening to: “North” by Chris Merritt

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