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Never underestimate the usefulness of the internet.  As I’ve pointed out, Sav and I just got new Motorola Droids.  In a world where everyone seems to have an iPhone (indeed, when BYU has a home game, AT&T’s network dies in Provo), it’s easy to find accessories for an iPhone, but sometimes harder for other phones.

Our experiences with the Verizon store:  They sold us a charger and a window mount each for $30, thought at a discount of $24 each.  The mount wasn’t what we wanted.  It came with a case that you had to use, hard to get off, but if you didn’t take it off, you were stuck with a protrusion that is used to mount it.  We wanted the clip in.  Which I found on Amazon for $25.  And it came with a charger.  Can you say returns?  We took our stuff back to Verizon and just got the mount today, and it’s so much better.  And saved us $23.

What we couldn’t return were the crappy screen protectors we bought.  Waste of $13.  I had had a great anti-glare protector on my iPhone made by Power Support.  A quick Google search took me to a forum that had a link this product: Steinhall Anti-Fingerprint for Motorola Droid.  I ordered it last week, and they got here yesterday.  I installed them today.  Worth every penny.

For protection, we bought the popular item on  The Seidio Innocase Surface Case for Motorola Droid.  I got mine today.  (Sav wanted purple, but today we changed to blue today to get it sooner (it comes in many colors).)  It’s great.  Slim and will come off easy when I need to put it in the car mount.

So those are my shameless plugs for stuff I found and am very happy with.  You may not have a Droid, but if you’re looking for screen protectors for a phone or a case, those brands make good products.

Oh, and if we’ve all learned any lessons, it’s not to buy anything from the Verizon store, even your phone if you can help it.

A must have for any Droid user.

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