Natural progression…

Sav and I are sitting in the Wilk waiting for the bookstore to open.  We claimed a couch.  Next to us is a couple.  Here’s how the conversation has gone:

  • Guy talking about nothing.  Girl not paying attention.
  • Guy talking about school.  Girl picking under fingernails.
  • Guy talking about roommates.  Girl tries to talk about her roommates, but every one of her comments leads the guy into a new topic.
  • Guy talking about pranking roommates.  Girl laughs, even though guy is not as funny as he thinks.
  • Guy talking about using bow staff and kung-fu during prank.  Girl should start running at this point.
  • Guy talking about light sabers.  Girls actually has one…???
  • Guy talking about having light sabers on his mission.  Girl has opened up pandora’s box.
  • Guy talking about his mission.  Girl is now faced to suffer, because during this whole conversation, guy has been waiting for the opportunity to impress girl with his spirituality.
  • Guy talking about being the better companion and teaching his companion using a wooden sword.  Girl doesn’t realize it, but guy is a goober.
  • Guy talking about more mission sword fighting discipline.  Girl is unaware of the fact that the loud sounds made when telling story is an indicator of the strangeness of guy.
  • Guy talking about mission still.  Girl should be thankful that the loudness has ended.

The conversation came to an uneventful close when guy left to talk to a counselor.  It’s times like these that Sav is shown who she might have ended up if I hadn’t come along.  This always makes her happy to be with me.

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