I’m not dead, promise…

I’m pretty sure the only person eagerly awaiting this post is Sav, but I felt like posting anyway.  At least a little bit.

I don’t even know when I last posted.  Weeks ago, I’m guessing.  Probably before we started summer term.  Wow, I’ve never done summer classes at BYU, but they sure can keep you busy.  (Not Stats 105, just CS 340).  The last two Friday night have seen me coding away on my group project while I wish instead that I was out somewhere with Sav.  Group projects aren’t as fun when you get assigned to work with people you don’t know.  Especially when one is Chinese and doesn’t understand you when you explain a concept.  Even less fun when the Canadian in the group makes unhelpful suggestions.  I miss my senior project group.  We rocked.  (P.S. I have nothing against the Chinese or the people to the north, I’m just frustrated with my group this weekend.)

On a funny note, I put a 24″ LCD computer monitor up on craigslist this week.  I bought it for $300 2 years ago, and it’s as good as they day I bought it.  (It’s even in the freaking box right now.)  So I thought $150 would be a fair price.  Some guy emailed me today saying that he would trade a 17″ monitor and $30 for it.  First of all, that’s nowhere near a fair trade, even if his monitor were brand new.  Secondly, if I wanted a computer monitor, why would I want a 17″ when I already have a 24″?  Don’t people usually put things on craigslist to get rid of them (in exchange for cash, of course)?  Common sense man!

Well, we’re off to give all our money to Walmart.  We can’t seem to leave the store without handing over at least $50.  🙁

Currently listening to: “Endless Love” (in Glee — Sav is watching)

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