Group projects aren’t fun…

I was done with my portion by Friday afternoon.  I’d even volunteered for the extra (albeit easy) part that got tacked on to this phase of the project.  It was probably because in the last phase I decided not to listen to my teammate about how he thought I should implement my part of the project.

But we had to all finish our parts and submit the phase as a group.  Tonight I updated my code and saw their progress.  I tweaked their code to prevent little bugs.  At one point I even finished a section of code that wasn’t working correctly.

And twice in the past two days I’ve had to repair the repository that we’re using so that we can share our code with each other.  Oh, and I had to restore a few files that a teammate deleted.  (Mine and our third teammate’s code–not his own.)

And yet I still had to stay up until 2am to make sure it all got submitted.  Because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have gotten submitted without me.

Early church is going to suck tomorrow (six hours from now).

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