How to stay up late…

If you have been a reader of my awfully boring blog for a while, you know that a few months back, Sav and I got Motorola Droids.  Well, after the latest update, I decided that I would root my device just as soon as there were reliable instructions.

Those came out today (here), and tonight I successfully rooted my Droid.

But that wasn’t enough you see.  I wanted more.  I needed more.  I wanted my phone to look as cool as this.  So I started getting all the different apps and widgets I would need.  I got it all — all except the black status bar.  For that, I would have to do something called deodex my system apps and such.  I found instructions here.  Even running on a Mac with Windows 7 in a virtual machine, I was able to run the program to do the deodexing.  I got it copied onto my Droid and everything.  I even rebooted.

Then came the moment of truth: copying over a theme I had found.  It had a really cool status bar.  However, it was not meant to be.  After copying those files into the right directories, my poor phone would not start. 🙁

So now I’m trying to get this one installed instead.  At least it’s black.  And from what I can tell, I’ve got everything I need.  We’ll see.

Unsuccessful.  Maybe I’ll get some help from the forums.

The one thing that saved my bacon: Rom Manager.  Literally saved me from having to lose all my data.  Three times.

So now I have cool menus, cool widgets, but not a cool status bar.

After 6 hours of work, my phone looks like this.

Currently listening to: “4’33” “

2 thoughts on “How to stay up late…

  1. Were you really? Were you REALLY listening to 4’33? Because, you understand, that would force me to take back every disparaging comment I’ve ever made about you. Well… almost. Because, look. It’s John Cage. I have a love-hate relationship with him.

    … things are starting to come together…

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