How I lost another 4 hours of sleep…

So a while back, I posted about rooting my phone.

And then mania took hold of me.  Maybe because I took 6 hours to root my own phone and I hoped to help people do it in far less, I undertook the task of creating an all-in-one guide to everything I did to my phone to increase it’s awesomeness: [HowTo] Root, Deodex, and Theme Droid Froyo 2.2 FRG22D.  It only took me 5 hours.  Maybe more.

And since then, I had people asking me for help.  I started to think that my guide wasn’t as helpful as I hoped because people kept asking for help with errors they got, but it turned out that while I had 5 or 6 people asking for help, it had been viewed more that 2300 times in just the last 20 days.  And I have to assume that a lot of those people actually used the guide successfully right?

But last night, I tried helping a guy with a problem he was having.  He didn’t have the same phone as me, so I did the Google search he should have and stumbled upon a guy who had made a script to do the rooting all in one command for the Droid X.  I got curious.  Could this same script work on a Droid?  Before posting it on my thread, I needed to know.  I tested.  Failure.  So I decided to add my name to the list of those who had contributed to the script.  Sparing you the boring details, I changed the script to work on a Droid 1 and put it on the thread.  I tested it accidentally on my own phone (a good sign when my phone still works just like it did).  But I also tested its magic on my wife’s phone with complete success.

And that’s why I went to bed at 3 am.  So now I’m up to over 18 hours of time/work spent helping people legally void their warranties so that they can increase the utility of their phones.  Though, I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of that customized script.

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2 thoughts on “How I lost another 4 hours of sleep…

  1. 1) Bahaha. The above comment makes me happy. Because *I* used to be the roommate who knew about Sav’s night-narcotic routine.

    2) I’m MADLY impressed. I clicked the link and skimmed through your How-To, and while I may know next to nothing about whatever it means to root canal your Droid, I can tell a thorough, well-written, and knowledgeable article when I see one. (Yours is all of the above, if that wasn’t clear)

    3) I love you today. Can you tell?

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