Why I love my phone more than your phone…

Today, I didn’t feel like driving back home and coming back to pick up Sav after a group meeting.  But I didn’t feel like parking and walking to a building on campus to do nothing or just surf the internet.

So instead I parked in the Marriott lot and surfed the internet.  I only had to walk about 20 feet (around to the passenger seat).

Droid Does.

I’m streaming Pandora, reading my Reader, and checking my Gmail.  On my laptop.  Who needs a warranty when they’ve got a mobile hotspot?

2 thoughts on “Why I love my phone more than your phone…

  1. That’s one thing that made me really happy with my Palm Pre–Verizon made the tethering package for webOS devices free. It’d normally be $40/month, which is ridiculous, seeing as how I’m already paying about that much for the data plan itself. So mine isn’t quite as cool as yours (mobile hotspot is built into the webOS operating system, but the carrier has to enable it), I’m totally with you on the awesomeness of having tethering on a phone.

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