I wouldn’t let a whole month slip by…

Dearest 4 readers,

I’ve missed you.  But to be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot to write about.  Well, I did, but I’m not good at this blogging thing.

But since we last exchanged words, a few things of importance have happened:

I decided to separate my personal twitterness and my blog twitterness.  Don’t worry, I don’t update either one very frequently, but I’ll try and update both when I do (so don’t follow both if you know me–you’ll only get repeats, which I also apologize for if you have twitter and facebook feeds in the same app, because I update that too…)

I couldn’t work for a week because the whole independent contractor thing got thrown back in our faces when HR got their turn to approve the contract.  It would have been nice if we’d known before I worked for 4 weeks without getting paid, but in the end, I got a big fat check that Uncle Sam took more than his share of.  (No, really, he took too much because he didn’t know it was for 6 weeks and not just 2.)  So now I’m working at the same place doing the same thing and getting all sorts of things done.  My next project will be a security package to keep pesky student employees from logging in on their laptops or from home (how dare they).  Should be fun.

We spent Halloween in Idaho.  We’ll be spending Thanksgiving in southern Utah, and our anniversary in a themed suite.  Or Motel 6–I can’t decide.  Today I starting making a Christmas wish list.  It stinks being a poor college student who likes technology, because technology is expensive.

In other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Dead Space, which is, IMHO, the best video game of this console generation.  (Ha–if you saw what I did there–I successfully avoided any debate about classic games and said that it was better than Halo.)  (It is.)  And even, dare I say it…Portal.  But Portal 2 comes out in the next 6 months (hopefully).  You can look at that here:  http://www.thinkwithportals.com/.

Anyways, my wife is telling me to go to bed.  So I will.  Good night.


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