One of these things…

Have you tried Jamba Juice’s oatmeal?  It’s the best oatmeal I’ve ever had.  Too bad it’s organic.

However, I have a beef with either Jamba Juice or just the Jamba in the SAB on BYU campus.  Three or four times now, I’ve gotten the oatmeal.  It’s yummy and makes my tummy happy.  But the employees there do not.  Each time, I end up with far less oatmeal than I expect.

Today I asked, “Is there supposed to be less oatmeal than the pictures?”  Guy employee (who never looks happy to be there): “You’re supposed to have enough space to stir.” Um…  I don’t stir…

After I got the oatmeal, I said, “I feel skimped, because it doesn’t look like the picture.”  Girl employee (who at least looks happy to be there): “Well, that one has bananas.”  Well duh!  I’m at least that smart.

When I then directed her attention to the serving size: “Well, if it’s wetter, it will look more flat.”  Um… I don’t think that had as much to do with it as just not giving me more than two scoops.

And now the damning evidence.


What Jamba advertises (from their website):

Now that's a bowl full of oatmeal!
Right up to the rim. Just how I would like mine.



But this is what I got:

Wait...oh...yes, there's the oatmeal, barely visible.
Clearly I'm being misled. All I did is take out the spoon.



I think I’m fully justified to be bugged each time I leave–justified to think that I got less than what I just paid for.  (Especially since BYU’s Jambas never do any of the local promotions or even national promotions like the Jamba card.)  If it was only $1 like the rest of Jambas around here, I’d be ok with it.

Now comes the funny part.  I’m not actually sure I could eat more than what I’m given.  So this begs the question: is it only supposed to be a wimpy size?  Then why so expensive?  Why the overflowing pictures?  WHY????

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  1. I’m… actually really grateful for this information. It will help me suppress any excitement I would have had thanks to those miserly Jamba Juice adverts. Shame on them.

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