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Customizing an AMI on Amazon EC2…

This will guide you though creating a customized AMI on Amazon EC2.


This is mostly for the benefit of those in the class who read this post. I’m writing this mostly as a tutorial instead of a “what I did” because I’m only going to give enough instruction to get something running, not tell you all the tinkering I did. I also apologize for the varying tense of the writing. Some steps got written before and some after I had actually done them. Continue reading Customizing an AMI on Amazon EC2…

I finally found the problem…

After days of frustrating work, I finally found the cause of all my woes:

Turns out that Ubuntu/Canonical put a forward-thinking update into the file system table, but didn’t realize that the bundling tool for re-bundling an instance would fail because of this.

Luckily, the page above also has the fix.

This is definitely going into my tutorial…

Three days work, lost…

After working for 3 days, learning EC2 and how to bundle my own AMI, setting up the environment the way I want, tinkering for hours, I sadly clicked terminate on my instance, because no matter how many times I bundled it, I couldn’t log in to the new instance once launched.

But luckily, I’ve been documenting the whole way, so the second time around should take much less time.

I’m curious to know how close others have gotten. Hopefully having a bit more luck than me. I’m hoping to be done by class today.

And then a month passed…

Lately, I’ve been toying around with Twitter.  I also just created a Tumblr blog.  Still don’t know what I think.  I can’t tell which I like better.  The thing I don’t know about Tumblr is that someday I’ll want to move my blogs to a personal server.  I don’t like the idea of someone else having control over my web presence.  That’s why I don’t like Facebook and putting pictures there.  Although, to say something for the millionth time, once something is on the internet and someone views it, there’s another copy.

Anyway, you might be wondering, why create another blog?  Well, sometimes I want to post nerdier things.  Things that I don’t care to associate my real self with.  Some things even that I want credit for.  Something that I can just write a blurb or two now and then.  Mostly boring stuff.  I might just end up doing that on WordPress instead, but I’m trying Tumblr for now.

In other news, Christmas was great, I’ve started my graduate program, and I’ve been playing too much Minecraft.

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Warning: lots about CS 462…

I’ll be posting a lot about what I’m doing in my CS 462 class here on tumblr. This will give me a good chance to test out tumblr and see how it compares to WordPress.

On that note, I’m excited to test out markdown. It’s a pearl script (ported to PHP) that converts plain text into HTML using a special syntax.

Our class is pretty open ended. We can use any OS and any language to complete the labs. The TA is using (and as such, it is recommended that we use) Ubuntu Linux and Python. I’m going to use Ubuntu also, but I think that I am going to use PHP. There’s two reasons:

  1. I know PHP, and I don’t know Python.
  2. People in the class are using PHP, and Steven, the TA, might want someone to bounce questions off of.

Anyway, I should be starting on the first lab today. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully this gets added to the class planet before I publish my next post.