Warning: lots about CS 462…

I’ll be posting a lot about what I’m doing in my CS 462 class here on tumblr. This will give me a good chance to test out tumblr and see how it compares to WordPress.

On that note, I’m excited to test out markdown. It’s a pearl script (ported to PHP) that converts plain text into HTML using a special syntax.

Our class is pretty open ended. We can use any OS and any language to complete the labs. The TA is using (and as such, it is recommended that we use) Ubuntu Linux and Python. I’m going to use Ubuntu also, but I think that I am going to use PHP. There’s two reasons:

  1. I know PHP, and I don’t know Python.
  2. People in the class are using PHP, and Steven, the TA, might want someone to bounce questions off of.

Anyway, I should be starting on the first lab today. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully this gets added to the class planet before I publish my next post.

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