Monthly Archives: February 2011

My addiction to my phone…

It’s probably because I’m an engineer. Also because it’s fun. But I love tinkering with my phone.

First it was rooting. Then theming. Then roms: CyanogenMod, then BuglessBeast and Gingerbread by Pete, now Project Elite.

My Droid is running at a blazing 1.1 GHz. And boy is that fast. I wasn’t a fan of the themed keyboard (I prefer the default look of the Gingerbread keyboard), but I’ve been using the Swype beta anyways.

The only thing about this tinkering: I have to reinstall everything from the market. I mean, it’s fairly automatic, but some things need some extra love to get working.

Right now I’m getting my Tweetdeck account back on my phone. I probably should just learn how to backup and restore apps so this process is easier…

Am I sad to say goodbye to Gingerbread? Yes. It has some nice features. But I have to take speed over a nice features.

I don’t know how my wife puts up with me. 🙂