Someday, my blog(s) may have a new home…

It’s been a busy couple weeks. I’m crazy busy with only two classes, which I can’t understand. I basically have to steal free time, which is a relief, although it makes me feel guilty because I’m not quite caught up in one of my classes.

But the good news: there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Actually two lights.

First, the end of the semester will come, and I’ll get to work doing research in networking. A welcome change. I haven’t yet told my boss. But I don’t feel bad, because he has been planning on having me work on the worst projects. And I’d rather not.

Second, someday, when I again find free time, I’m going to take an awesome design my sister created for a website and actually make it into a website. And when I do that, I’ll be moving my own stuff to the same server. YAY.

Nerdy details, but I’m planning on hosting my server through Amazon Web Services and their Elastic Cloud. Unless I pass the free tier, then I’m going to have to rethink my plan.

I’ve also been quite torn about whether or not I want to blog more about my CS 462 class and my work there. I actually do want to blog it, but a lot of the students have adopted the, “I just want to follow the TA’s examples and code, and I don’t want to work anything else on my own,” mentality. Hence, I’m reluctant.

Anyway, the wife is telling me that we should leave. I’m agreeing.

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