Monthly Archives: May 2011

Finishing a project…

It’s been a long time. How have you been?

Last time I wrote (two months ago), I mentioned a lot of new things happening. To confirm, I started my new research gig in the Internet Research Lab at BYU. So far, I’ve just been reading, summarizing, and presenting papers and also contributing to our lab wiki (also about these papers). Why all the paper reading you ask? Well, as a starving graduate student, it is my duty, nay, my privilege to read about the research that everyone else is doing and then decide if I can contribute to solving some problem of if the problem has already been solved. Very different from my old job of making web applications. But I enjoy working in the lab. The sooner I find something to actually research and produce a thesis from, the better though. Reading papers is not my forte. And that’s why I’m not doing a Ph.D.

And some even nerdier news: I finally got around to finishing my sister’s website. Check it out: The design is all hers. I just took it from Photoshop to html/css/javascript. I’ve been learning more and more jQuery with recent project at my old work and with this site. I don’t know why I didn’t use it before. At first, I thought I’d use PHP with Smarty to allow a main template to be shared. The only drawback to doing that though is that you don’t get Apache’s native caching. So I opted to use JavaScript and make the entire site just one page with jQuery transitions. Very simple. And it turned out great. The only thing I might still add is displaying some of her latest blog posts (if not all of them) right on her site, with a link to the actual blog. I discovered you can retrieve blogger rss in JSON format, which makes it easy to get the latest posts, especially using jQuery.

I’m hosting it on Amazon’s EC2 cloud. I’ll probably summarize my experience using EC2 in a later post. Hopefully sooner than two months.