Monthly Archives: August 2011

Fickle like a middle school girl…

Once again, I’ve changed my blog address.  I promise it won’t change again.

This was my initial plan: have a website that would advertise me (have a resume, vita, research experience, whatever) and point to my Twitter, Tumblr, blog, and whatever else. And I put my blog as, leaving nothing by the text “Under construction” on  Today I realized two things: anything I wanted to put at could easily be a page through WordPress, and that I’d still want people to see my blog.  Then I came to the big realization: I could never design something as well as a WordPress theme (at least not as quickly as clicking “Add Page”).

So I moved my blog from the subdomain to just plain  It’s much simpler, and simple is good.

Now the link to add to Reader is:

Investment opportunity?…

Email is great.  Spam filters are super great.  Yesterday, I actually looked in my spam folder, looking for an email I should have gotten.  It was there.  After marking it “not spam”, I glanced at everything else.  I don’t get too much spam because I worked hard to keep my email address from family members who send forwards (and I maintain that I never got one until I got a forward from my grandma).  So now, like everyone else, I get a lot of offers to increase my manhood and stamina.  I also had a bunch of spam from a crappy dating site where someone created a false account with my email.  Luckily, I was able to get the password and delete it (but not until after 48 hours–lame).  However, yesterday was different, because hidden between emails for Viagra knock-offs was this little gem: Continue reading Investment opportunity?…

Hello world…

Ever since I got my own domain name and started hosting on Amazon EC2, I’ve thought “I should be hosting my own blog.”  I toyed with Tumblr, which I liked, but always felt like there was a internet publishing spectrum.  At the small end was Twitter: share just 140 characters frequently, even to the annoyance of your followers.  At the other end, there’s blogs, where you share posts that you might write for hours, sharing multiple photos–something you are usually more selective about.  And in the middle, there was Tumblr.  It’s a nice mix–perfect for sharing anything quickly–but still not as nice as WordPress.

Anyway, I found that setting up WordPress is ridiculously easy.  So I’ve moved everything from my two other blogs to here.  Since it’s a self-hosted site, there’s not much point to pseudonyms–except the fact that they’re fun.  I’ll continue that from my first blog, mostly for the privacy of my family and friends, but I’m not worried about myself.

One thing I’m very excited about is the ability to tweak the look and feel of the site exactly the way I want.  Something I could do on Tumblr, but that wanted to charge for (annoying).  I’ll be tweaking in the next few weeks, and attempting to improve some of this theme’s quirks.  I’ve already made it easy to subscribe to only a category or tag feed.  Just go to the category/tag archive and use the RSS button.

If you’re looking for my Tumblr, it’s moved to — I’ll probably still use it to share some things.

I’ve said it before, but this time I think having just one blog will encourage me to write more.  You can ignore the nerdy tech posts if you’re following for life-related posts.  Or you can ignore the life-related posts if you’re in it for the nerdiness.

Anyway, if you’re actually reading/following this blog: Welcome!