New year…

Happy New Year!

Today’s the first of many posts this year.  I’m cutting it a little close, but I couldn’t break my resolution on the very first day.

It was a bitter sweet holiday season this year.  Sav wrote about the bitter already.  The sweet came in the form of a new nephew.  He’s a cute little guy.  We spent the Christmas holidays with my family, with two little ones having their first Christmas.

I’ve been trying to get some, but not too much gaming in.  It’s hard to get more than an hour here or there, since there’s so much going on.  But I’ve managed to play through the main levels of Left 4 Dead 2.  I though Left 4 Dead was fun, but L4D2 just builds on it.  And it runs great on my laptop.

I’ve been trying to play another game, Crysis, too.  It’s aclaimmed as a must have, but I’m not feeling it or something.  I had to totally cheat just to make it any fun (made myself pretty much invincible).  And it can’t run at more than 20 FPS without looking pretty bad.  I’ll probably bag that game for now and just focus on Left 4 Dead and Dead Space for the rest of the vacation.

Speaking of which, it’s coming to an end all too soon.  And I still need to do so much (move my server and get rid of Facebook).  Oh, and an update in the Facebook department:  I think I’ve decided on the perfect system.  I’m going to “delete” all of my content that I’ve uploaded (nothing on Facebook ever really gets deleted), hide my profile from all but friends, and delete all friends that I don’t care to follow day-to-day.  I’d much prefer if everyone just had blogs that I could follow on Reader, and that everyone follow my blog if they care to know more that what I put on Twitter (which isn’t much).  But it’s a sad world in which everyone uses Facebook to update others on their life.  So I’m stuck either having a Facebook or not knowing about the lives of some of my old friends.  So I’m going to have Facebook, but only access it with my phone or something.  I don’t want to allow Facebook to track my on my computers.  Because they do that, and I’m not cool with it.

Anyway, Happy New Years.  I hope it’s good for everyone.

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