Moving across the country…digitally…

I know that I’ve mentioned how I’ve been hosting my blog and sister’s website on a virtual server within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.  Well, recently (past month or so), they announced that they opened a new region in Oregon.  Before this, there were only two regions in the US, east and west.  The east region is in Virginia.  The west is in California.  Thing was (and still is) is that the California region is just a bit more expensive.  That’s not really a big deal when I’m running on the Free Tier for a year, but at the time, I’d have to start paying per-the-hour, and the east region (Virginia) was the cheapest, so I chose that region.

Well, when the Oregon region opened up, along with a new “reserved instance” where I can reserve an instance for 3 years at the price of 9 months, (36 > 9), I decided I wanted to move my server.  A few quick tests proved that I’d benefit from shorter pings (think round-trip time for a small message to be responded to).  The only thing was that you can’t just “move” a server, even a virtual server, across regions without some work.

So today, I finally took the time to start up a new instance in Oregon, transfer all of my data and configuration files, export/import my database, and change the DNS records.  Now that’s really the only thing I’m waiting on.  Turned out that moving a web server is pretty painless if you don’t over complicate things.  Only took me a couple hours.

Anyway, that’s a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo.  In other news, school start tomorrow, although my classes don’t start until Thursday.  I’m just hoping to survive this semester.  Somehow I managed to pull a B- out of one of my classes last semester, despite missing a couple homework assignments and bombing the final.  It’s a Christmas miracle!  (P.S. I love having my blog snow again!)

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