I love Amazon…

We needed a humidifier.  We had a few different choices.  We could go to a local medical supply store and probably pay too much.  We could go to Walmart, get a cheap one, and wait in a line for 30 minutes to buy it.  Then I remembered: I have Amazon Prime.

So we bought this little guy.  Just $3.99 for one-day shipping?  Yes mam!  Totally worth saving me an hour-long trip to Wally World.  Plus, it’s super quiet, works great, and is kind of cool looking.

In other news, I have been told to challenge Sav to have a blogging resolution.  A resolution to blog.  A blogolution.  Dearest Sav, this is your challenge: blog more (every day!).

In other news, I didn’t pack a lunch today because I was late to meet a coworker to help him with an inportant task.  When I arrived, he wasn’t there.  An hour later, my boss emailed him.  Guess what?  He’d been told not to do said task by the client, and hadn’t thought to fill tell our boss (who the client should be talking to instead) or me (who was going to meet him).  In the end, this coworker is only hurting himself.  He’s not exactly winning brownie points.  (And all I’ll say is that he could use them.)

Well, good night blogosphere.  It’s getting late, and I do have an eventual goal of getting up at 7 (eventually 6 or 6:30) every day (except weekends, duh).  Let’s just say, it hasn’t happened in a while.

P.S. Did anyone else hear this song on the New Year’s celebration program on TV?  They didn’t have Adam, and it was awful.

Currently listening to: “Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine)” by Gym Class Heroes

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