Weekend projects…

Yay for the coming weekend!

This week, I read five different papers for two of my classes.  I’ve completely ignored reading for the other class.  This weekend, I play catch up and get ahead. The book looks to be an interesting read.  I bought the Kindle version because it’s cheaper, and I love the idea of keeping a good textbook without having to lug it around when we move.  Eventually, I’ll convert some of the better books in my library, and by that I mean buy them.  Anyway, should be a good read, except I have to read it on my laptop because it’s a print replica edition, with the full layout.  So I can’t use my actual Kindle, which is a drag, because reading from the Kindle is awesome.

In addition to reading, I’m taking on two other projects.  I want to finish the first programming project for my interactive systems class.  My goal is to spend weekends on these projects, stay ahead, and then have weekdays for the other two classes.  A three-day weekend is perfect to start out.

My final project, if I get to it, but the one I’m most excited about, is to get SPDY running on my web server for faster secure access.  It’s mostly just a fun test to see if I can do it.  But it would make secure connections to my server faster, and that’s a benefit.  It will only really benefit me, as I use SSL to connect to my server, and there’s not any reason to use SSL to read my blog.  But you could, and it will be faster once SPDY is installed.  Hopefully I have time for it.

Anyway, it’s time for bed.  I hope everyone had a happy Friday the 13th.

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