Quality vs quantity…

I made a resolution to blog every day.  And I’ve stuck to it.  Thus the quantity went up.

What I’m not sure about is the quality.  I hope it hasn’t gone down too far.  I’m not the best writer, and a lot of my stuff is ranting about this and that.  I don’t expect to become a blogger that attracts millions (nor do I want to be), but I at least want to write something that doesn’t make eyes bleed and puppies cry.

I’m hoping that as I blog more, I’ll get better and better.  I love my self-hosted blog though, because I’m in charge of everything.  I control what plugins I have, how big my photos are, what server(s) host my pictures, and the theme.  Someday I want to create my own theme (or just branch from this one).

Anyway, this is probably an example of quantity instead of quality, because Sav and I realized 10 minutes ago that we still needed to blog, and I just started typing.

Currently listening to: “You Can’t Stop the Beat” by Hairspray movie cast

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