Like a world made of virtual Lego blocks…

That’s how I would describe Minecraft.

It’s Sunday, on a 3-day weekend, so I decided to spend some time playing a game this evening.  Since it is Sunday, Dead Space is out of the question.  So I decided to revisit my little world in Minecraft.  I’ve made a few different worlds.  The great thing about Minecraft is that it’s still being developed and the developers are adding new features every month or so.  The only downside is that to get some of the new features (if they involve terrain/world generation) is to create a new world.  This is the pits, because my coolest world is probably the first one I ever started.  (Granted, I did cheat and give myself some cool items to make some cool contraptions, like a giant door to my house/base of operations and a bunch of other doors, but it’s still the coolest.)  Or there’s the world that I decided to build a giant underground room filled with trees, and spent hours hollowing out the earth to create it.  It also had an awesome mine cart track that used “boosters” (since “fixed” (removed))  to visit the caves.

But since the release of Minecraft 1.0, I’ve started in a new world, not cheating, and trying to play with a purpose, but still having fun and creating.  That’s the fun part of Minecraft.  There doesn’t have to be any more point to the game than simply playing.  You can play to explore, play to hunt creepers and zombies, or play to create.  I like to explore, create, and survive.

So if you’re into video games, and you want a game that will give you endless hours of fun, allowing you to explore and create in a uniquely generated world, look no further.  It’s how I spent this evening.  And it was fun.

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