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This weekend has been a productive one, though not in the way that I planned.  I couldn’t concentrate on school and needed some good distraction.  Sav was good enough to let me play a good amount of Dead Space 2.  I even turned down the headphones, when I enjoyed just as much as she did.

Dead Space 2 (and Dead Space) are games that I love.  They are so immersive and well made.  There’s nothing quite like the first play through, were you learn the story for the first time.  That hasn’t stopped me from playing them over and over.  I’ve probably played Dead Space four or five times already.  I’m only on my second playthough of Dead Space 2.  Life got a little busier, and I don’t play quite as much.  Even though I know just about where every enemy will come from in Dead Space, I still love playing it.  I don’t quite have Dead Space 2 known like that, but probably some day.

I started thinking about it, and a lot games on my favorites  are all this way: Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, BioShock, BioShock 2, Half Life 2, Portal, and Portal 2.  They might become predictable if you play them over and over, but I don’t care.  They’re still fun every time.  Story is important too.  The Dead Space, BioShock, and Portal games all have great stories.  If you ever might play them, don’t look them up and spoil it.  (I did this with BioShock, and it was a bummer.  Still a great story, but I spoiled the ending.)  I think I played through BioShock 3 times (before I was married).  I need to play the second through again.  (If only it had the New Game+ option like the first one.)

I’ve played a lot of fun games, but the games that I play again and again (which obviously must be the most fun) are the ones that combine great gameplay with great storytelling.  If it doesn’t have a great story, I’ll probably end up trading it in at GameStop after the first playthrough.  If I finish the game thinking, “Wow! I can’t wait to play that again,” it will probably stay on my shelf forever..

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