Easter eggs, part 2…

I promised that I would take a picture of my old computer, now used by another programmer.  Without further ado:

Easter Eggs
Very festive…once a year.

The thing that I find funny and ironic about this is the fact that if I were to start a job and my computer had this background, I wouldn’t do anything else until I figured out how to change the background.  (Unless of course it was Easter, in which case I would leave it for a week or two, then immediately change it.)  It wasn’t hard to do–just a quick Google search told me how:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow \
DesktopPicture "/Path/To/New/Picture.jpg"

If I had access to the machine, I’d probably change it back, but the new programmer used and changed the password to the support account instead of creating her own account.  Guess I’ll just have to single-user-mode the computer and get in that way.

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