OpenID…the service nobody uses…

I just revisited all things OpenID.  I have to present a paper in class tomorrow.  A paper on a study of sorts on OpenID.  (It was actually less on OpenID than I hoped.)  Reading it prompted me to play around with OpenID on my blog and Google.  You may not know this, because it’s not super clear and it’s not advertised anywhere on Google, but if you have a public Google profile, you can use the URL to your profile as an OpenID URL.  And of course, WordPress sites can all be used with OpenID.

How much have I used this?  I’d say none, but technically twice: both for blog related services.  Not for anything useful.  And I’m pretty sure that I also have a username to both of these other sites.

So what’s the point of me saying this?  Two things.  First, I don’t think anyone really uses OpenID.  Second, I read a lot of papers that research dead ends or, more ironically, obvious questions (to which they find the obvious answer). Example: a bunch of people at some university in Canada did a study on OpenID, and it told us that most people didn’t understand it, that most people would use it if it was easier, but that most people won’t.  The same thing we’ve known for years.  Congrats.

And I get to present it tomorrow.  Yay.

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2 thoughts on “OpenID…the service nobody uses…

  1. Stack Overflow’s login system uses OpenID quite elegantly. But they’re the only site I know of that uses OpenID rather than OAuth or some other more full-featured authentication/authorization protocol.

    1. I’ve always thought of getting a Stack Overflow account but didn’t want yet another account that I have to remember. Maybe I’ll simplify things and use OpenID with my blog URL. (It’s not hard for me to remember.)

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