The week to top all weeks…

This is the week. A week that might forever change our lives. In two days time, I will be in Boise, put up in a hotel, trying to sleep, knowing that the morning starts hours of interviews that could potentially lead to a job offer that would rock my socks.

I’m nervous. While it technically isn’t the first on site interview I have had for a full-time position, it is the first one that I actually want to receive a job offer from. I find that wanting the job makes you more worried about the interview.

Of course, once the interview is over, I am going to be even more anxious and nervous as I wait to hear back. Luckily I have a thesis to write so I have plenty to take my mind off the fact that a group of people hundreds of miles away are making a decision that will decide where my children grow up. You know, just little things like that.

But right now it is raining, which makes everything feel peaceful. I am glad because I need all the sleep I can get.

2 thoughts on “The week to top all weeks…

  1. Boise is a cool city. I was there last October for an interview. It was the third on-site interview I’d ever had, but I didn’t have any job offers yet, so I was a wee bit nervous about it. But it worked out fine, and the stay in Boise was enjoyable.

    I’ve just tried to be myself at interviews and enjoy them. I figure the guy(s) on the other side of the table are almost as anxious about the outcome as I am, so making the interview enjoyable benefits us both.

    Anyway. Good luck with the interviews!

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