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Technical difficulties resolved…hopefully…

Our little (tiny really) chunk of the cloud experienced a few technical difficulties the past few weeks.  Without gushing too much nerd your way, a software upgrade cause the system to run out of resources.  (MySQL kept crashing.)  But luckily I apparently know what I’m doing and was able to fix the problem by limiting the number of connections and server processes.  Hopefully it’s fixed.  It’s been working, so that’s a good sign.

I learned a few cool things about Linux the past few days.  First, I learned that with 11 characters I can use my mouse in Vim.  I learned that screen can require a password when reattaching.  And I learned that Bash is much better than tcsh.

Things at work are great.  (That’s where I learned a few of these things.)  I also have learned that in a corporate environment you don’t always get the most up-to-date software, even if it’s free software.  I also learned that my work email filters out gziped tar files, even if they are simply full of vim and bash configurations to help me figure out the settings I want.

Anyway, this is a boring post.  Sorry

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I’m loving my job…

I’m really liking my job.  First, it’s so great to just go to work and then come home without a ton of homework to do.  Second, my coworkers are really great, and pretty much everyone I have to work with.  I’ve been doing a ton of training videos with quizzes, but I find that even really dry video lectures are more interesting when you actually care about the material.  Third, my job is cool.  Though I’m trying not to scare people by doing things my own way.  I can’t help it if I’m the only one on the team who has used something better than SVN (Git).  I’m going to use Gnome and Git and eventually Bash, because they’re better and I can be more productive.  Less headaches for me, and more work done for them.  Everyone wins.

Today was especially awesome.  A few times I’ve walked to or from my car and seen a bunny.  Well, today I saw a turkey when I went to lunch.  I think I might have been one of the first people to see it.  By the time I came back from lunch there was a mass of people huddled around where it was.  I took some pictures.

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Troubleshooting at its finest…

Tonight I sat down to shoot a few zombies in Left 4 Dead, but to my dismay, the sound wasn’t working in my headphones.  When I unplugged them, the sound worked fine from my laptop.  “Oh no,” I thought.  The headphones worked fine on my phone.  I tried 2 other pairs of headphones.  Still not working.

Then the real troubleshooting began.  First I rebooted.  No luck.  Then I headed to the internet.  People said the drivers were the problem with a similar issue.  I uninstalled them, reboot.  Nothing.  Re-install, still nothing.

I jump over to Linux.  They at least have static, but they’re muted.  I unmute them and the work fine.  Unplug, sound works, re-plug, working.  Back to Windows, and now they work.

I recently upgrade my Linux installation, and it must have done something.  And after all that work, I don’t think I ever tried turning the volume all the way down or muting the headphones.  Because that would have fixed it.  So I spent 40 minutes to fix a 2 second issue.

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Things have changed for me…

A few things have changed lately.

Today, I updated WordPress and turned off the snow.

Yesterday, I had my first real day at my new job.

Last week, we moved into our first house.

And that’s a short list of things that have happened lately.  I haven’t blogged because I’ve become super busy and I’m still not sure how much I want publicly on the internet.

I do know that I’m loving my new job, and that we love our new house.

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