Troubleshooting at its finest…

Tonight I sat down to shoot a few zombies in Left 4 Dead, but to my dismay, the sound wasn’t working in my headphones.  When I unplugged them, the sound worked fine from my laptop.  “Oh no,” I thought.  The headphones worked fine on my phone.  I tried 2 other pairs of headphones.  Still not working.

Then the real troubleshooting began.  First I rebooted.  No luck.  Then I headed to the internet.  People said the drivers were the problem with a similar issue.  I uninstalled them, reboot.  Nothing.  Re-install, still nothing.

I jump over to Linux.  They at least have static, but they’re muted.  I unmute them and the work fine.  Unplug, sound works, re-plug, working.  Back to Windows, and now they work.

I recently upgrade my Linux installation, and it must have done something.  And after all that work, I don’t think I ever tried turning the volume all the way down or muting the headphones.  Because that would have fixed it.  So I spent 40 minutes to fix a 2 second issue.

Currently listening to: “Drive By” by Train

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