Technical difficulties resolved…hopefully…

Our little (tiny really) chunk of the cloud experienced a few technical difficulties the past few weeks.  Without gushing too much nerd your way, a software upgrade cause the system to run out of resources.  (MySQL kept crashing.)  But luckily I apparently know what I’m doing and was able to fix the problem by limiting the number of connections and server processes.  Hopefully it’s fixed.  It’s been working, so that’s a good sign.

I learned a few cool things about Linux the past few days.  First, I learned that with 11 characters I can use my mouse in Vim.  I learned that screen can require a password when reattaching.  And I learned that Bash is much better than tcsh.

Things at work are great.  (That’s where I learned a few of these things.)  I also have learned that in a corporate environment you don’t always get the most up-to-date software, even if it’s free software.  I also learned that my work email filters out gziped tar files, even if they are simply full of vim and bash configurations to help me figure out the settings I want.

Anyway, this is a boring post.  Sorry

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