Minor discoveries…

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  A month an a half to be exact.  I’m not good at writing regularly.  I feel like I never have anything interesting to say.  I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say right now.  But if I watch any more TV, I’m going to feel like the biggest loser.

Sav is gone for the week.  Left me all alone to go to work and make bread and bacon.  Actually, we don’t make bread or bacon, because we’re a tech company.  For the sake of security and because Sav has taught me to love pseudonyms, let’s just say that we make widgets.  So I’m home alone this week while she’s off boating, hiking, and other types of vacationing.  It will be the longest we’ve been apart.  It’s the first time she’s left me home alone for more than a day.  It weirded me out yesterday.  It’s lonely in this empty house.

So I’ve watched TV, messed around on my server, and changed my blog theme.  On the subject of the server (skip if you don’t care, it won’t hurt my feelings):  I’m trying a fresh instance and see if things improve.  I’ll probably have to upgrade to a more capable instance, but we’ll try this first.  It’s much cheaper if I can keep it running on a micro instance.  The problem is MySQL 5.5.  It keeps crashing.  I may try a script to check if MySQL is running every 30 minutes and restart it if it has crashed.  It could also send me an email.  That’s the next step if problems persist.

So the idea of my post today was to share a few things I’ve discovered over the last few weeks and months.

  1. Having a lawn is a pain.  You have to cut it every week.  Some parts of ours are dead, and it’s hard to convince them not to be.  We overseeded, but I didn’t cut the  grass as short as I ought, and it only helped in select areas.  I’m probably going to re-overseed this fall.  Then there’s weeds, bugs, watering, and more.  I’m sure that after a while it won’t seem so bad though.
  2. Every IT/IS department is awful.  Especially when outsourced.
  3. Amazon Video On Demand works so much better than Netflix.  If the Prime selection was just a little better, we could drop Netflix completely.  My favorite part?  When I rewind or fast-forward, Amazon VOD is smart enough that it doesn’t have to re-download if it’s cached.  And it keeps a cache to rewind at least a minute without any delay.  It’s awesome.
  4. Solarized.  Probably my coolest discovery of ever.  (This is another super nerdy paragraph.)  I found it more or less by accident when I was trying to get my work terminal looking like the default gnome-terminal in Gnome 3 on Ubuntu. Now my terminal in Ubuntu has been solarized.  My work terminal has been solarized (even Putty on my Windows machine).  Vim and gvim have been solarized.  My directory listings have been solarized.  Even this blog will probably become a little solarized.  Here’s the thing: it only took a few hours on Windows looking at PDFs (black text on white) to give me eye strain and the beginnings of a headache.  But I can work all day at my computer staring at my solarized terminals and not feel a thing.  It’s awesome.  And it makes vim so much nicer to use.  The colors make more sense (especially when using vimdiff) and are just plain pleasant.  It makes everything in a terminal nice.
  5. I still like Grey’s Anatomy.  Sav and I started watching it together.  I wasn’t sure she’d like it, but she does.  I think it’s funny.  Judge me if you want, but it’s entertaining.
  6. I don’t like going to bed early.  I need to, I ought to.  Right now I should be sleeping.  But instead, I’ll probably make some sleepy time herbal tea and drink it while not sleeping.  Ironic?  (That’s actually a question, because Sav often calls me out for not using “ironic” correctly.)

So that’s a few things I felt like sharing today.  Really I could go on and on about Solarized.  But I know that of the 5 friends that read this blog, only ~1 of them is probably going to care about it.  (Try it!)  But now it’s late and I need to go to bed.  6:30 always comes so quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Minor discoveries…

  1. I’m currently in the process of converting my blog to Octopress. Basically that means you write posts in Markdown and then compile them into static HTML, which you put on any dumb web server. Might be worth looking into if the main bottleneck on your micro instance is the blog database/PHP overhead.

    I’ll give Solarized a try. It looks nice. I’ve got a similar thing in Visual Studio at work right now, but I think I like the look of Solarized better.

    1. I’m a big fan of Markdown. I use it at work to generate my personal webpage that’s basically a list of handy links right now. That Octopress looks cool. I especially like that 2.0 features a Solarized color theme.

      Something you might find handy: “:set mouse=a” (or just “set mouse=a” in your .vimrc file). Then you can use your mouse in vim. It takes a little getting used to, but is super handy. Plus, it works with the scroll wheel.

      The trouble is that Sav’s blog is on here too, and so a WYSIWYG editor in browser is a must. I want to find a nice Markdown plugin or write my own, because sometimes it’s handy to write something in a text file when you’re not online and upload it later.

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