Happy Independence Day!

I was watching TV, but then everyone started lighting fireworks.  Lots of aerials.  And you know what?  Fireworks just aren’t as fun when you’re not watching them with someone else.

I’m laying on our bed, watching fireworks out the shadeless, blindless window of our bedroom.  It sounds like the wall beside me has some sort of broken water pump because of all the aerial explosions outside.  The neighbors on another block had a pretty impressive display.  I think they won the competition.  One of our neighbors directly behind our house had an aerial that I’m pretty sure exploded in the road.  That was scary.  I decided that if I didn’t see them light another within a couple minutes, I was going to walk over and make sure they didn’t explode.  Luckily, they kept on lighting them.

So really, I was told to write about something gooey and personal.  So I decided to write a little about my week alone.  And what a change it is.  (That’s a fragment, by the way.)

This is how my days usually go since moving and starting my job: I leave in the morning, usually rushing because I’m not a natural early riser.  (Part of it, I think is our bed because it’s too soft, but that’s just guessing.)  So I rush out and drive to work.  Then for the next 9-10 hours I’m at work.  I eat lunch there, and I maybe exchange a few texts with Sav throughout the day.  Either way, when I leave, I know that when I get home I get to see my family.  It’s become pretty routine.  I come home, say hi, kiss hello, pick up Chip, he touches the buttons on my shirt, I go change, we eat dinner, watch some TV, usually spend the night in, but the baby to bed, watch the rest of whatever we were watching (because usually we’re only halfway through a show because watching TV with a baby isn’t always easy), and then go to bed later than we ought.  Routine, maybe boring to some, but that’s my usual day.

This week, it’s changed.  I get up, get ready, leave (pretty much the same so far, but no one to kiss goodbye), work, come home, find something to eat, play a little video games, watch some TV, go to bed.  Really, it’s a lot the same, except I’m alone.  No little one to pick up and touch my buttons.  No wife to kiss when I get home, go to bed, and all the time in between.  I don’t like it.  Being alone in my house isn’t very fun.  Sure, I’ve got more “me time” than I know what to do with, and I can rewind what I’m watching without bothering anyone, but I would rather have my family here.

Fortunately, they’re having a great time.  And I’m getting along.  Last night I had Cafe Rio, and it was my free meal, so that was awesome.  And today I decided to actually take the day off instead of going into work (which was mostly due to the fact that I learned that the policy is for deadline crunches only, and that the company pays out double time off if you go in on a holiday, which I didn’t deserve for going in, had I gone).  So I got to sleep in on a Wednesday, which is pretty awesome.  And tomorrow is group lunch day, so hopefully we go somewhere tasty.  And most importantly, I get to see my wife and child in just 2.5 days.

So a little more about these fireworks.  I’ve decided that it’s kind of weird when you can hear a ton of fireworks  but not know where they’re coming from.  I hope that the fireworks stop sometime tonight, because I would eventually like to go to sleep.  Eventually.  (Plus, going to sleep means that I only have two more nights alone.)

Oh, and I want a muffin.  A blueberry muffin.  There are a lot of muffins in the episode I’m watching right now, and I really just want a muffin.  I don’t have muffin mix though, so instead I’m going to make chocolate chocolate chip pecan pancakes.  Never made them before.

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  1. Okay, so I was taking a break from cramming for my midterm tomorrow and decided to catch up on my blog-stalkin..erm reading. I read yours and then I read one from my aunt. I just had to chuckle. I guess the whole family thing keeps being a big deal. Love you, Sav and Chip. Gonna have to come back up and visit you again soon!

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