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Eureka, but without the nudity…

…like Archimedes.

I started this a while back, and for some reason, I never finished it.  So here it is, though kinda boring.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is solving problems with software.  Usually it’s Python scripts or webpages written in PHP and Javascript.  Today, it was Python.  And it was a good one.  Been working on it for about a week, and today I got it working.  And it works perfectly (once I worked the bugs out of it).  There’s still a bit of tweaking and improving to do, mostly to purge the data of human error.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of writing a couple hundred lines of code from scratch and seeing it work, gathering hundreds of megabytes of information and outputting a usable data file.  I love it.

The song in my head…

What do you do when it’s 10pm and you’d like to go to bed, but there’s a baby in that bed?  My choices:

  1. Play Dishonored: too tired, and there’s a chance that I could end up playing for 3 hours before actually going to bed, because the game is awesome (no Bioshock Infinite, but pretty good).
  2. Play some Flash game on Kongregate: already tired that–there hasn’t been a good, new game for quite some time.
  3. Watch Sherlock: no way–them episodes are 80 minutes long, and I don’t have the attention span.
  4. Blog while listening to the Frozen soundtrack.

I chose number four.

Besides “Let It Go”, “Happy” (by Pharrell Williams), and “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People”, this is the song that’s been in my head:

It’s no “Let It Go”, but that didn’t stop me from listening to it 10 times on loop today at work.  (“Let It Go” has 30 plays, plus 6 on the deluxe album.)  Ok, “Valentine” has been in my head today, but as I write, I’m realizing that these videos are 100x better:

Ok, now that I’ve got my video posting out of my system…how have you been?  It’s been a long time.

Sav might be the only one who reads this some time next week, and she already knows this, but my life has been a bit crazy.  Well, work has been crazy.  Home life has been wonderful.  I have the cutest kids in the whole world.

Anyway, I want sleep and I have a cute but fussy baby who is trying to help me type.  Maybe I’ll write again soon.  Maybe I’ll write again in six months.  Stay tuned.

Currently listening to “Elsa and Anna” by Christophe Beck