Websites, servers, and blogs, oh my!…

A funny thing happened over the past few months.  When we moved, we had the pleasure of becoming members of an HOA.  I’m not a fan of HOAs in general, but it seems to be how things are done here.  Personally, I think it’s a way for the local city government to get out of installing and maintaining things like street lights.  Nonetheless, it wasn’t like we had a choice.

Well, after we’d been here almost a year, the HOA got turned over from the developer to the members.  At the first meeting we had as a new HOA with the board to discuss things like higher dues, I asked if they had thought of having a website for the HOA.  I thought they would jump at the opportunity to have someone take on this project (for free!).  What’s more, I had already registered the perfect domain name (a .org domain, because I do things right), and I offered to host it free of charge.  So I had offered the HOA free site development, maintenance, and hosting.  But they didn’t take me up on the offer.

So when it came time to renew the domain, I let it expire.  Around that time, we got a new HOA board (and thus, new HOA president).  Well, the secretary sends out and email asking if anyone would be willing to assist them in the creation of a new HOA website (and if anyone had the knowledge and ability).  After banging my head against the table a couple times, I quickly emailed them back saying, “Funny you ask…”

I got in touch with the HOA president, which wasn’t easy for me because I’m very bad at remembering non-work stuff while at work (I guess I enter “work mode” or something.)  The best part is by that time, the domain had passed the grace period and was now in “redemption status”.  Meaning that I either had to pay $200+, or wait a month or so until it again became available to anyone.  That has the risk of jerks like GoDaddy or NetSolutions buying your domain as soon as it’s available and asking a “premium” price.  I was very careful not to visit the site, so that it wouldn’t look attractive, and only checked its availability at my original registrar (which is the best:

But fortunately it became available this week, and I snagged it again.  Auto-renew this time (for all my domains–you know that’s right).  Now begins the adventure of training a bunch of retired people and middle-aged housewives how to use WordPress.  I figure WordPress is perfect — they want a couple of static pages with CC&Rs, forms, and stuff like irrigation information, plus the ability to post news or announce upcoming events.  The design, look, and feel is going to fall on me, and that might be a pain, but I think I can make it work.

That’s one of most exciting things happening to me this week, outside of my confidential work stuff.  It’s very hush-hush.  Well, it’s way too late for this idiot to be blogging.  Good night.

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